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Free Articles Online » Awaken The Giant Within You Awaken The Giant Within You Published: 04.04.2009 | Author: Bo Sanchez | Category: Self Improvement
Your True Size Is Measured By Your Courage Ashtone Morgan Jersey , Wisdom, and Love.

Even as a baby elephant, Bulig was big.

As Bulig grew up, he was taller and bigger than all his playmates.

It didn take long for the other elephant to be afraid of him. And Bulig knew this. So he used his size to terrify others to do what he wanted them to do.

Obviously, if the other elephants were scared of Bulig, the other smaller animals would be as well. Monkeys, deers, tigers, and even lions stood in awe at the huge animal.

The elephants gave him a special home on top of a small hill. And Bulig鈥檚 throne was a gigantic bed. There he lay down and lorded it over the jungle.

Each morning, the elephants would give him a basketful of bananas. And the monkeys would give him a basketful of apples. And the deer would give him a basketful of nuts. This happened everyday.

So Bulig grew even bigger. And the more he grew, the more terrified the animals became of him.

He now became a god to all the animals there.

A group of pelicans took turns fanning him.

A group of parakeets sang to him in the morning.

A group of monkey acrobats performed for his evening entertainment.

For the longest time, Bulig never much left his home.

Because he didn move much, he became as fat as ten elephants put together!

Now, even other animals from other jungles would visit to see for themselves if the Legend of the Giant Elephant was true. And all of them would stand in terror at the sight of the great beast.

One of those animals was a tiny turtle by the name Pokito.

Pokito heard about this Elephant and wanted to see him.

Being a young and playful turtle, he thought it would be great to be friends with the giant elephant.

So one day Alex Bono Jersey , he walked up to Bulig who was like a mountain

Bulig was now in pain, but his humiliation was even greater than any physical pain he was feeling at that moment.

First, a little monkey began to jeer.

Soon, other monkeys joined him.

Everyone hushed at the brave turtle in front of them.

or years Ahmed Kantari Jersey , you worshipped Bulig as a god,鈥?Pokito said, e insulting him as the enemy. Why are you doing that? Bulig is just one of us, just like any other animal.?p>

And all the animals broke out in laughter.

7 Lessons for Life

I wrote this little story for Mustard, our children鈥檚 magazine. (Why Mustard? From mustard seed! If you want to subscribe and get 10 fun-filled issues for your kids, log on at )

But the powerful lessons in the story aren鈥檛 for children only.

In fact, I believe adults need to hear them more than kids do!

Here are the 7 life-changing lessons from the story:

Lesson #1:

Don鈥檛 look for worshippers; Look for true friends instead.

Not all friends are created equal. Some friends are just fans. They admire you. False Publicity of Banah Sugar 2305dfddd luis sabbagh &nbs. Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap China Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys

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