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1. Fabric

Natural fabrics look much gorgeous than the synthetic ones. There is something about them that makes them look elegant and rich. Apart from this they are soft, and a pleasure to wear. A pure silk scarf is the best, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cashmere is the ultimate fabric that is extremely soft on the skin. Pashmina shawls and <"http:babablacksheep.cocategoriesPashmina-ShawlsPashmina-Jamawar">Jamawar Shawls equally add a glamour quotient to your outfit. Besides, colours look more vibrant on a natural fabric.

2. Design

A good design is the gem in a scarf. It takes plenty of hours and the skills of many talented and professional scarf designers to make a designer shawl. However, a designer name on the scarf does not make a difference at all. The true creativity lies is in the artistic make and the tiny details of a pattern. An exquisite scarf is suppose to showcase the brand's creativity and not imitate the designs of others.

3. Price

An expensive scarf or a designer scarf is not a sign of a luxury scarf Wholesale Jerseys From China , but an extremely inexpensive scarf is definitely not a sign of a luxury scarf either. Remember this, it takes hours to design an scarf with an original design and manufacture it.

4. Colors

A scarf with more colours becomes more difficult it becomes to create and expensive to produce. A beauty of the scarf comes from its design as well as colors. If you are paying an exorbitant price for a plain scarf, it is obvious that you are being cheated. It is a different case if you are willing to pay for a plain scarf just because it is a designer scarf. In that case, you are only paying for the name and not scarf itself.

5. Aesthetics

When you buy a scarf, you will naturally expect a nice box with a ribbon instead of a cheap plastic bag. The aesthetics should be there. A scarf lover might be disappointed.

6. Finishing

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