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By Surasak Tumcharoen

BANGKOK Authentic Brent Burns Jersey , July 29 (Xinhua) -- Top Thai military ruler Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha will very likely be named Thailand's non-elected prime minister in charge of an interim government next month.

The National Legislative Assembly, which will be set up under an interim constitution next month, is expected to pick the army chief as head of an interim government to run the country until a general election is held next year.

The general led the May 22 military coup that overthrew the civilian government led by deposed Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

Since Gen. Prayuth will directly handpick a total of 220 persons as members of the National Legislative Assembly; they are in turn, expected to choose him as the non-elected premier, according to political analysts here.

"The power of Gen. Prayuth to govern will remain intact following the coup primarily as head of an interim government. Importantly Authentic Logan Couture Jersey , in order to run the country smoothly and solve varied national problems effectively and promptly, the head of the interim government and the head of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) should be the same person," said a political scientist.

Given all concerns over possible subversive movement against the military junta as repeatedly expressed by the army chief, the making of Gen. Prayuth as prime minister while concurrently holding onto his top post as head of the NCPO should be the safest way to assure the smooth running and reforming of the country under the NCPO roadmap, said the academic who asked not to be named.

The chairman of the non-elected National Legislative Assembly - the post said to be reserved for either former deputy premier Vissanu Khrua-ngam or Auditor General Pornpet Vichitcholchai - will submit the name of the premier-designate to King Bhumibol Adulyadej for final approval.

Besides the speculation of naming of the army chief as the 29th Thai premier Authentic Joe Thornton Jersey , the legislative body is also tasked to draft a " permanent" constitution under which the next race to parliament will be held while a National Reform Council will finish the political, economic, social and judicial reforms within a one-year time, according to the NCPO roadmap.

Assistant army chief Gen. Paiboon Khumchaya, who is concurrently in charge of the country's judicial affairs Adidas Brent Burns Jersey , had commented that Gen. Prayuth has been virtually performing as prime minister by running the country after leading a military coup last May.

Gen. Prayuth has virtually acted as head of government, chairing varied meetings of the military junta as well as undersecretaries who have taken charge of varied portfolios in place of cabinet ministers and giving out directives for them to follow in prompt fashion, said Gen. Paiboon.

"Gen. Prayuth might be named prime minister by the National Legislative Assembly and he might as well take the post as speculated," said the assistant army chief, said to have helped the top ruler map out the successful coup plot.

The top ruler has invariably stopped short of either confirming or denying the wide speculation that he might become head of the interim government to run the country for about a year until an elected one is chosen following next year's nationwide election.

Gen. Prayuth Adidas Logan Couture Jersey , who is scheduled to retire as army chief at the end of September, is viewed as a "strong, tough and competent" leader who could effectually run the country, compared to ordinary politicians who might have some flaws and lack the charisma or integrity to run the government efficiently, said Amnuay Klangpa Adidas Joe Thornton Jersey , former chief whip of the deposed government.

"Gen. Prayuth should be named prime minister in order to orchestrate the needed reforms and rid the country of corrupt officials. If he could address economic slump effectively, keep people safe and combat corruption and crimes, he should be welcomed to assume premiership albeit on temporary basis," said the former lawmaker.

Some kind of a "military party" might be set up for Gen. Prayuth to head and contest for a post-election premiership next year, he added.

If the top military ruler finally decides to continue to run the country as head of the interim government Cheap Brent Burns Jersey , he will have no rivals as far as the interim constitution is concerned, according to analysts.

The temporary charter prohibits those who may have registered as members of any political party, past and present, from being named prime minister.

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