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Julie Jacko is an efficient lecturer at Public Health university of Minnesota and associate member of The Institute of health informatics for research Walter Payton Youth Jersey , outreach and teaching work. She gives more opportunities to the University for Collaboration and coordination. Dr. Julie Jacko is expert in health informatics which is highly beneficial and helpful for the patients in future. She says that appropriate use and sharing of the health information of the patients helps the doctors to manage the patient care services more effectively. She is specialised in studying human behavior and other aspects such as healthcare delivery.

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She has written many journals, publications and articles and has worked with the author of highest article of the International Journal of Medical Informatics in 2005. She is a renowned figure in the world of human-computer interaction and has visited as a chairperson at many conferences and programs related to health and science.

She has excellent skills in design and evaluation of various systems including human-device interaction and implementation. She is highly interested in application of information and engineering of the information technology in health sciences. She worked.

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