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For some reason although Jean Dixon was the psychic that everybody loved to hate. Year soon after year were reports by countless people that Dixon’s predictions had been bogus and that she had by no means produced one that truly came true Cheap Texas Rangers Jersey , such as the 1 about Kennedy’s death. The woman was under constant attack in tabloids all over the country. A respected Mathematician by the name of John Allen Paulos coined what was referred to as the “Jean Dixon Effect” exactly where men and women come up with a couple of accurate predictions but conveniently overlook the hundreds of false predictions that never come true.

The truth is, not all of Jean Dixon’s predictions came true. She predicted that World War III would commence in 1958 over some offshore Chinese Islands and that labor leader Walter Reuther would run for president in 1964 and that the Russians would land the very first man on the moon.

Most likely the most famous psychic of our time was the ever well-known Jean Dixon. On January 25, 1997 Cheap Toronto Blue Jays Jersey , she passed away, but not just before leaving a legacy that won’t soon be forgotten.

Jean Dixon may not have constantly been accurate with her predictions but she will always remain one of the most colorful and nicely know psychics in history.

While she was alive, Dixon was an advisor to many renowned celebreties including Ronald and Nancy Reagan. As a matter of reality Wholesale MLB Baseball Jerseys , Nancy Reagan was continually hounded by the press for her reliance on astrologers and psychics to set the president’s schedule. Jean Dixon was 1 of the individuals she relied on one of the most until 1 day she decided that Dixon had lost her powers and decided rather to align herself with Dixon’s rival, Joan Quigley.

Dixon was also the author of seven books. She wrote her autobiography as well as horoscopes for dogs, astrological cookbooks and several books on psychic phenomena. Dixon was 1 of the leading believers in ESP and was a well identified influential Washington socialite.

Her most well-known prediction Wholesale Baseball Jerseys , and probably the 1 that got psychics in general essentially the most attention, was when she predicted that President John F. Kennedy would die in office. As it turned out, Kennedy was assassinated whilst in Dallas Texas. Her actual prediction was that a democratic president elected in 1960 Wholesale MLB Jerseys , a tall young man with blue eyes and brown hair, would die in office. Based on Dixon when interviewed she mentioned that she told reporters that the president would be assassinated but they refused to print that part.

Soon after Kennedy was killed in 1963 the notoriety that hit Dixon because of it drove political columnist Ruth Montgomery to write a book referred to as “A Gift Of Prophecy: the Phenomenal Jean Dixon.” This book told of hundreds of accurate predictions Dixon created throughout the years. The book was published in 1965 and sold much more than three million copies. The publishing of this book turned Dixon into an overnight celebrity and made her a lot in demand to do lectures, and eventually prompted her to start her own syndicated horoscope column Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , which was printed in newspapers all over the globe.


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