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Are You Considering Liposuction? Health Articles | October 18 Josh Jackson Youth Jersey , 2013
If you're considering liposuction make sure you understand who is a good candidate, what the surgery and healing involves, and whether or not you have realistic goals about the results.

Cosmetic surgery is not a permanent method of weight loss, but it is an effective way to lose weight when nothing else works. If you have stabilized your weight and aren't on a diet Jaire Alexander Youth Jersey , it may be time to look at liposuction as a realistic option. To be considered a good candidate, you should have skin that is still tight and able to snap back after the fat removal and not sag. If your skin lacks the elasticity, you may need to consider other cosmetic procedures at the same time, such as having the extra skin removed. This is an area you should consult with your plastic surgeon about before your surgery so you will be as happy as possible with your surgical outcome.

And since it is important that you are happy with your post-surgical results Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Youth Jersey , it's also important that you are realistic about your expectations. So do your research and understand what to expect during and after surgery and have a realistic idea about what you will look and feel like while you heal. Keep in mind that even though it's a cosmetic procedure, it's still a type of surgery, and there are risk factors with any surgery 聴 even plastic surgery.

Liposuction was first introduced in the 1980s and like most medical procedures, it has improved over time Randall Cobb Youth Jersey , making it a more effective method for contouring the body with less bruising and pain afterwards as well. New technology has greatly improved the procedure to make it even safer and greatly reduced the side effects that earlier surgeries encountered, such as infection and excessive bleeding. Today the major complication risk factor rate from this surgery is less than 0.5 percent, but some possible risk factors that can occur with any surgery include a reaction to the anesthesia, infection Mike Daniels Youth Jersey , excessive bleeding, or blood clots.

To minimize your potential risk and complications, choose a plastic surgeon with experience in performing liposuction, follow your doctor's instructions pre- and post-surgery Clay Matthews Youth Jersey , and be honest with yourself and your doctor about your health. If you're not in good health, you may not be a good candidate for any type of surgery.

You should also be realistic about your healing time after surgery as well. You should be prepared for stitches and possibly a drainage tube to go home with you, but they should both only temporary and should be removed within a week. It is also common to experience some swelling, numbness Aaron Rodgers Youth Jersey , and bruising that can last up to six months.
For most people, recovery time is brief, with just a little down time before they are able to go back to work and resume normal activities. You should expect the results of your liposuction to last as long as you maintain your weight.

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