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Kervin Kenneth Jaime
   Good fit, super comfortable, and I could even wear it out, overall I love these shorts.
Brian Reis
   Just what I needed. This item came in a timely manner and it fit perfectly. If you need a replacement this is the way to go
Lexie Sackett
   like these a lot. may buy more.
Kwame Lee
   Been wearing these for many years. Still enjoy them.
Simona Karafová
   Bought this as Christmas gift for our 7 year old. It made him happy that he received a helmet and jersey for "his" favorite team.  Mom and dad are Saints, but anyhoo, the jersey is on the lower end of the "quality" for a jersey but the helmet is worth every penny.  It seems as though they threw in the jersey as a "freebie" almost.  I'm glad I bought this online and paid no shipping for it because I paid $10 less than I would've paid for it at the stores had they had this team at the store, but they didn't.  It made my son happy and that's all that matters.  I would probably buy another team from this maker (Franklin Sports).

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