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different NIOSH grades such as N95 or P100

Testers found that the silicone mask did not emit an unpleasant odor, but Honeywell's 770030L and 550030M masks did. The sturdy and comfortable quick-lock downward exhalation valve can also prevent foggy glasses.
Several testers found that the respirator was too tightly fixed on their face and pulled their hair. A tester pointed out that this model can be used with their glasses, but will push their glasses "slightly" upward. Neither criticism is unique to this half-face mask.
Disposable protective mask
Our previously recommended 3M Aura 9211+ particulate respirator version, our emergency preparation supplies and fault bag guide. It is still a low-cost, easy-to-use respirator. However, in our panel test in 2019, we found that its folding structure is not as intuitive as the ready-to-wear 8516. Some testers found that 9211+ masks with fixed staples stuck into their cheeks. However, if the price is a big problem for you, then Aura 9211+ is a good emergency equipment.
Although the 3M particulate protective mask 8293p100 has a very strong strap, most members of our test team do not know how to pass through the plastic regulator. This model is not compatible with glasses.
Although a tester wearing glasses tested the 3M R9211-10 particulate protective mask better, some complained that the mask was itchy and had a rubbery smell. This mask is a bit cheaper than 3M's Aura 9211+, and in our tests, its overall score was higher. If price is your main consideration, this mask is another good emergency kit.
The 3M particle mask 8210V N95 is almost the same as our recommended 8516 mask, but with a thinner rubber band.
We did not test the 3M particle mask 8511PB1 because it is almost the same as our choice. We tried 8516, because 3M recommends this model specifically for "high temperature, humidity and long wear" working environment.
Testers gave the highest evaluation of the ease of installation of Honeywell's Sperian Safety-t-Fit Plus N95 disposable respiratory mask (with exhalation valve RWS-54006), but did not like its thin rubber band.
Honeywell North Sperian 14110445 One-Fit N95 type valve-cup masks are used with glasses and have a larger nose area than 3M 8516. However, it lacks an adjustable nose clip, so it is more difficult to wear tightly.
Although we like the interesting patterns and appearance of the popular Vogmask mode, they are not NIOSH approved, although the company claims that these masks "conform to the NIOSH standard." "They have been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea. We have also disqualified from reporting masks to me because they have not been approved by NIOSH. We hope to test the masks of these two companies in the future if their approval The state changes.
Half-facepiece respirator
The 3M Medium Half Facepiece reusable respirator 7502/37082 (AAD) is structurally similar to a sturdy and comfortable quick lock, but lacks the "fast lock" mechanism that our testers found useful. Both 3M model filter elements are compatible with filters of different NIOSH grades such as 3M brand N95 or P100.
Of all the masks we tested, the GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 half-mask mask scored the highest in terms of ease of use, comfort, and construction quality. However, its strap is not as secure as the strap on the sturdy and comfortable quick latch, so it is difficult to find the SPR457 Elipse online in this article. This mask comes ready to wear replaceable P100 filters, but it only works with those specific filters. We prefer the versatility of a sturdy and comfortable quick lock, as well as other 3M and Honeywell masks we considered, which allow you to connect a range of protective filters and ink cartridges.
More than half of the testers complained that Honeywell Northern Safety 770030L 7700 series silicone half mask respirator emits an unpleasant smell. Compared with the durable Quick Latch or SPR457 Elipse, its safety and comfort are not as good as the latter. Our team members also pointed out that Honeywell North 550030M half-mask respirator is less safe to install and has a lower manufacturing cost than a sturdy and comfortable quick lock. Like 3M masks, Honeywell masks also have "bayonet" connectors, but the Honeywell models we tested are only suitable for the 7700 series of adaptive filters and ink cartridges. The website:

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