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One of the first was built in 1971 by a bereaved father on his own land Cubs Fergie Jenkins Jersey , with his own funds, in a windswept valley deep in the mountains of northern New Mexico. The most famous was built in 1982 by a determined group of Vietnam veterans and their supporters on a 2.2-acre tract donated by the United States Congress in "the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial in the nation's capital. Hundreds of others-at least 500-have been built in state capitals, county seats, on city squares, town plazas, military bases, and college campuses in all 50 states, on Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and in several foreign countries.

We are talking, of course, about memorials to those- living and dead-who served in Vietnam, another noteworthy chapter in the legacy of the nation's longest and most controversial overseas war. When Cubs Greg Maddux Jersey , how, and why America came to honor those who served in Vietnam is an instructive part of the ongoing saga of the impact of the Vietnam War on American society.

It is not widely known, but Americans publicly remembered those who served in Vietnam while the war was still being fought. In the summer of 1966, for example, the city of Chicago officially named a 10.5-acre park on Lake Michigan for a local hero: 18-year-old Army Pfc. Milton Lee Olive III, a Medal of Honor winner who died in Vietnam in 1965. The city subsequently named a junior college and a portion of the mammoth McCormick Place Convention Center in honor of the former 173rd Airborne trooper who lost his life smothering a grenade in what Olive's platoon commander called "the most incredible display of selfless bravery I ever witnessed."

Other early efforts include the Veterans Day 1966 dedication of a memorial in Grass Valley, California, to honor Gary Ames Miller, a local Marine who died in the war. That memorial, consisting of a plaque set in a round core of hard rock, is dedicated to Miller and to all Vietnam veterans. In December 1967, the citizens of Wentzville, a small town in eastern Missouri, strung a 30-foot tree with lights to honor the town's military men serving in Vietnam.

On September 15 Cubs Billy Williams Jersey ,1968, when it came time to name its new football stadium, Dunedin High School in Florida choose to honor 13 former students killed in the war. Dunedin H.S. Memorial Stadium was dedicated that day with marble plaques engraved with the 13 names. Before the war was over, nine more names were added.

An engraved stone dedicated November 11, 1968, at Maynard Evans High School in Orlando, Florida, honors 18 men from Maynard who died in Vietnam. A simple gravestone, inscribed "Died for Their Country," was placed in front of Maryland's North Carroll High School in 1971 to honor four graduates who died in the war.

One of the first of dozens of on-base military memorials honoring Vietnam veterans became a reality on May 29, 1968, when Florida's Eglin Air Force Base dedicated the 23-acre Memorial Lake to USAF personnel killed in the war. In 1969, the Algoma Optimist Club in Algoma, Wisconsin Cubs Ryne Sandberg Jersey , put up a brick monument and flagstaff at the intersection of two state highways and dedicated the structure to that town's residents who served in Vietnam.

The most famous of the early Vietnam veterans memorials, at Angel Fire, New Mexico, was christened the Vietnam Veterans Peace and Brotherhood Chapel by Dr. Victor Westphall, who built it with family funds on family property in 1971 as a tribute to his son, Marine lieutenant Victor David Westphall III, killed in Vietnam in 1968. Now known as the DAV Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Angel Fire's gleaming, white-winged chapel sits on a hill in the shadow of 13,000-foot Wheeler Peak. Also on the site is a modem, 6,000-square-foot visitors center housing a large display of war memorabilia, a small library, and an audio-visual display about the monument. Dr. Westphall Cubs Sammy Sosa Jersey , now 79, lives on the premises.

In 1971, Westphall was turned down when he went to his state and local governments for help with a memorial to Vietnam veterans. He was not alone. One of the many unfortunate consequences of the divisive national debate over the Vietnam War was the nation's general indifference-mixed with hostility- toward those who took part in the fighting. As all Vietnam veterans know, that woeful state of affairs lasted until the early 1980s.

Novelist Philip Caputo expressed the feelings of many veterans in the form of a cri de coeur to his friend, Lt. Walter Neville Levy, a fellow Marine who was killed in Vietnam in September 1965. "As I write this 11 years after your death, the country for which you died wishes to forget the war in which you died," Caputo wrote in his memorable 1977 memoir, A Rumor of War. "Its very name is a curse. There are no monuments to its heroes, no statues in small-town squares and city parks, no plaques, nor public wreaths, nor memorials. For plaques and wreaths and memorials are reminders, and they would make it harder for your country to sink into the amnesia for which it longs. It wishes to forget Cubs Mark Grace Jersey , and it has forgotten."

The amnesia began to lift in the early 1980s. The prime catalyst for the change-in which the nation began in earnest to separate the warrior from the war-was the overwhelmingly positive reception the nation gave to the American hostages who returned from Iran in January 1981. The national embrace of those hostages caused many Americans to reexamine their less-than-accepting views of Americans who served in Vietnam.

Two months later, the American Legion finally got around to honoring Vietnam veterans. At March 16,1981, ceremonies at Arlington National Ceremony, the Legion's national commander presented the organization's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Medal, to those who died in Vietnam. That event marked the first time any of the nation's big, old-line veterans organizations officially recognized t Making use of UV gel.

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