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Of course, once you manage to drag yourself out of your Bali ho

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A rental villa in Bali is a great way to spend your well earned few weeks with family members.

However, whether you go for a luxury Bali villa or a standard private Bali villa, how you spend your holiday, and what you do will almost invariably be defined by the number and ages of the children in your family.

This quick guide is intended to provide you with insights into Bali for families, with Bali travel tips and tricks.

Of course, we will start our list in priority, with the most important people, the young ones. If you wish, you may want to scroll down to the right age group for your children.


A Bali villa holiday is an ideal choice to make (over hotels and the like), if you are traveling to the island with an infant.

At a rental villa you have greater flexibility, support, and often much needed space.

Invariably, Balinese adore children, especially the younger ones. At your Bali rental villa you will more than likely get eager support to look after the little ones whilst you take a much deserved dip in the pool.

Today in Bali, most of your infant's and your own needs will be met readily. Clean bottled water should be available at your villa, at no extra cost. Most rental villas will offer a microwave, so handy for warming up bottles. Some will even provide child friendly cutlery, so you don't have to carry your own. Needless to say, as a favourite international tourist destination, Bali offers some very good international standard hospitals and English speaking doctors, if the need arises.

If your little one (or you for that matter), have a particular make of infant formula that you prefer, you may want to get your Bali Villa Manager to check availability for you before you arrive. Whilst there is an increasingly wider choice of baby formulas and ready-made fruitvegetable purees available in Bali, you may not always be able to find the specific brand that you are familiar with. Of course, the same goes for disposable nappies. These are available at most supermarkets, but possibly not exactly the right brand you may be after.

The great thing about taking your own baby formula, and disposable nappies to Bali is that, having used these up in Bali, for your return trip home, you are left with much more spaceweight allowance for all the shopping you will have done in Bali!

For your supplies, you may wish to try Bali Deli, Bintang Supermarket Bali. For a good selection of inflatables drop in at Matahari Bali at Bali Galleria.


Toddlers will love Bali and the Balinese people, since they are absolutely wonderful in interacting with the young ones.

If you want your toddler to make the most of your Bali villa pool, then you can find a variety of inflatable swimming support equipment at department stores, malls and pharmacies. Of course, it is worth noting that when buying these types of devices in Asia, one needs to pay careful attention that it meets international safety regulation. Also, as all inflatable equipment intended for children should clearly state, -these are not life saving devices and should always be used under the supervision of a competent adult swimmer-..

Also, it is worth noting that, many good villas in Bali, will actually provide some basic toys for your toddlers. Again, it is worth checking that these do meet international safety standards, as some cheap knock-offs may have small pieces or sharp edges.

If you are in need of some nap time stories, there are numerous bookshops in Bali which carry a good selection of English language children's books. You will find that especially those printed in Indonesia are very reasonably priced.
You may want to try Peripulus Bali or Gramedia Bali, both of which seem to have suitable book selections for the young ones.

Older Children

In my experience, older children will have a ball in Bali and quite likely very happily tire themselves out between the villa swimming pool and the daily excursions.

If you have chosen one of the more spacious Bali villas, it is worth noting that the Balinese do enjoy playing footballsoccer as much as the next nation. The rental villa staff will probably need only a tiny bit of encouragement to start playing ball with your young ones.

Similarly, your female villa staff will be more than happy to play-house with your little girl for many hours. What a better way for the young ones to get to learn a new culture, and may be pick up a word or two of the local language whilst having fun!

Of course, once you manage to drag yourself out of your Bali holiday villa, the options for the young ones are even more numerous.

Here is a quick list for starters:

1. Waterbom Park Bali
A genuine must during your Bali villa vacation. Suitable rides for children of all ages.

2. Horse Riding
From chaperoned rides on ponies to full galloping experience on the beach.

3. Cruising
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