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Martinez: I basically expect that we will play a similar style with a

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By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, July 24 (Xinhua) -- Bayern Munich's 27-year-old Javier Martinez is back for action after an injury break. The central defender and midfielder missed Euro 2016 with the Spanish national team. Now the Spaniard is desperate to win new titles with new Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti.

"He told us to take up a more vertical and direct style," Martinez said in a recent Xinhua Interview.

On top, Martinez said he is looking forward to Bayern's U.S.-Tour starting this Monday and has no plan to return to Spain and join his former club Athletic Bilbao.

Following is the full text of the interview:

Xinhua: Some say Carlo Ancelotti is a coach with let's say a human touch as he is said to speak a lot with his players. Others have to take care because he sometimes raises his left eyebrow which is regarded as a warning sign. Well, how dangerous is it talking to him?

Martinez: (laughing) Dangerous, you must be kidding. I did not know him prior to him coming to Munich. I once played for Athletic Bilbao against one of his teams, but that was the only occasion we "met".

Xinhua: Meaning he is not a dangerous coach?

Martinez: (laughing) You like the word "dangerous". But I must disappoint you. The first impression was very, very good. He talks a lot with us and has a close relationship with the people at our club. Don't people say the first impression counts most? As for Carlo Ancelotti, the first impression was far from dangerous, more like very good.

Xinhua: Can you tell us something about the differences to Pep Guardiola when it comes to Carlo Ancelotti?

Martinez: Pep Guardiola as well was a communicative coach. But every coach has his special way and methods. You can't compare different coaches. After all we're just starting with Carlo Ancelotti.

Xinhua: Is training much different?

Martinez: We worked a lot with the ball and did different drills. But that is normal when a new coach takes charge.

Xinhua: Do you expect the team's style of football will change? Under Pep Guardiola Bayern Munich had a high amount of possession in the games?

Martinez: I basically expect that we will play a similar style with a lot of possession. There maybe some slight changes whereby we take a more direct route. He told us to play in this way.

Xinhua: Bayern will change into a more direct game, and attack the opponents goal a bit earlier that before?

Martinez: Playing more vertically does not always mean to shoot earlier, because you still have to wait for the right moment. But if you change the game slightly, you might get chances earlier as well.

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