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Gain Skills In Runescape

Fletching And Smithing
These skills were placed together since they will be used for creating arrows. Arrows are always in demand and you should store some for future use, and, they do sell for a decent rate. However, as you make these with ease, they will add up nicely and aid in increasing your fletching skill. One bar without the inclusion of gold and silver tend to generally leave you with about 15 arrowheads and regular logs can produce 15 shafts for your arrows.

In addition, you will need to kill some chickens in order to attain down for your arrows. However, you should aim to keep bronze arrows since they do not really have an attached cost. And, they will be useful later on as you begin to level up your range skills.
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Fishing And Cooking
Food is a must but you should however skip cooking a variety of food and focus on levelling your skill until you are able to prepare fish. It is recommended that you do save every fish caught and when you can in fact catch and prepare lobsters do Little Else for a couple days. In a short period of time, you will be able to prepare and trap swordfish. Your aim is to now sell both lobsters and swordfish until you are then able to prepare and catch sharks, at this point, your efforts for seeking a fortune will be rewarded since sharks sell for 1000 gp each.

We couldn't stress on this more but you should bank everything, even the items that don't initially seem to be of much help, since they are eventually all linked and prove to be of great use in the long run. All the herbs found should be kept since they can eventually be marketed and sold for 1000 gp each, however, you will indeed need them later on when you start levelling up your herblore skill. We know that saving money is important but, you should also try to save as much items as you possibly can, be it ores, seeds, plants, runes, feathers and jewels. We can't stress enough that they will all be useful in due time!

Kingdom Of Miscellania
Within the kingdom you will be able to have a lot of gains after you have completed the Miscellania quest. After completion, you will be able to purchase your own kingdom and as it is generally upkept, you will receive various products in time. However, this process is a bit lengthy and will seem as though you didn't in fact acquire much wealth, but it will be worth it in the long run. So, this quest is worth a look!

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