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submarine to deliver their personnel

Was used ten minutes, the Yan flies and then closed to that submarine, bottom of sea utter darkness one, but"eyes" of unmanned machine are very violent, even if in this dark bottom of sea, can also ask for help of a little shimmer to see know some circumstances.
This submarine physical volume is huge matchless, the Yan flies a first step estimate the displacement for above 3,000 tons, it presents all over streamlined, but outward appearance not traditional arc form, but is linked by the smooth different flat surface circle but become, shape and other submarines slightly have a dissimilarity.Write a huge white number on the warship bridge of top 508.
    The unmanned machine is apart from now evil all more than 100 kilometers, the quantum radar can not also link so don't know that this submarine exactly is that that is national.But the Yan flies of essence at company headquarters, he opens a computer right away and starts searching "submarine, wholesale Plantation shutters 508" and all-powerfully searched engine to search a while related answer.
    Originally unmanned machine's dividing time the submarine of detection isn't a China local of, but belong to Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force .This submarine belongs to the Cang dragon class and take off the foetus constructs the item"is even to become the Year 16's submarine plan" at strong soldier in Japan and calls for the 16 SSs, that day originally the submarine type of the Maritime Self-Defense Force current latest Rui.
    The No.508 submarine is red dragon, start constructing in 2013, enter water in 2015, formally undergo military service in 2017.All of it grow 84 meters, breadth 9.1 meters, 10.3 meters in height, the standard displacement is 2950 tons, have Si Lin Bi circularly push forward the system AIP system and related subsidiary round especially machine facilities.The strong dint material of the ship body use"Gao tension steel" makes into and own two sets of diesel power round machine and 4 sets of Sis Lin Bi circularly push forward a machine especially, the Qian sail function significantly promotes.On top of that, the submarine carries the voice of having the high performance to shout device and has to strongly search and concealed body function.
    Red dragon capacity load displacement comes to a 4200 tons, the lord is armed to six to have 533 millimeters of torpedo blast - offs to take care of, can shoot antisubmarine torpedo of anti- warship and anti- warship guided missile.That day originally Maritime Self-Defense Force the first adoption AIP the dynamical submarine is as well a current Maritime Self-Defense Force is to in the world the normal regulations power of the biggest displacement attack submarine, be rated as a deep sea monster.
    See the data of finishing this submarine, the Yan doesn't already fly Za tongue.This TM in addition to the power isn't to check power, other index signs already and the pit power submarine nothing important difference?Japan is two wars to lose war a country, can not make to check a submarine, incredibly put forth effort on the normal regulations submarine, made the monster that may compare to check a submarine war capability.
    The Yan flies on the picture of seeing the red submarine dragon, and the submarine of the in front is one ratio, discover both look exactly alike, so he can affirm, this submarine is red dragon that belongs to Japan.Just the submarine of this Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force why is the facing all evil direction to drive?Oneself hasn't been finding out of is the warship ship of carrying big river household superior this submarine?If is really such, that big river household is in the influence of Japan too terrible, incredibly can start out troops submarine to deliver their personnel.
    Thankful book friend:The old book insect looks for a beating of good book to appreciate!Thank collecting of everyone and recommendation ticket for supporting! wooden shutters blinds

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