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Get It Fast

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Wood Floors

Pets can be really tough on hardwood floors, so if you find a place where a pet has marked a wooden floor and stained it, you may want to treat the area with a wood bleach to see if this helps to lighten the area. Then you can reapply your stain to match the floor. If the damage is really severe Ty Montgomery Packers Jersey , you can always yank up a couple of floorboards and replace them. However, if the urine has worked its way down to the sub floor, then you have a bigger repair to manage. Since the stained sub floor will cause odors to linger, and odors are what entice a pet to mark a spot over and over, you will need to either remove the stained section of sub floor Quinten Rollins Packers Jersey , or seal the sub floor to block the odors. Then you will need to replace the actual floorboards.

Claw Damage

It is amazing how much damage those tiny, little claws can do. Obviously it is better to stop the damaging behavior with a repellent before it occurs. When damage does occur though, there are some quick fixes that you can employ. For leather furniture there are tear repair kits available, or you may need to contact a professional. If your pet has snagged fabric furniture, pull the snag to the backside using a large eyed needle.

Claw Marks

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That Smell

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